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Cascadia Bioregional Party

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The Cascadia Bioregional Party is a registered 527 political organization founded in 2020 to represent the Cascadia bioregion on a political stage.

We promote bioregionalism and direct democracy as place based solutions that support the communities, inhabitants and ecosystems of the Cascadia bioregion, as determined by those living here. Our movement brings people together around a shared vision and principles rather than political identities based on arbitrary lines. Ultimately it is those living here who have the best say in issues affecting our lives, rather than in distant seats of power more than 3000 miles away with no vested interest in us or our home.

We promote delegative democracy, civil liberties, indigenous sovereignties, personal freedom, digital privacy, human rights, economic well being, bioregional borders, sustainability, and the eventual and peaceful independence of the Cascadia bioregion.

We are a 100% volunteer movement. Our funding comes from individuals passionate about Cascadia and who believe we can be doing better than we are. We accept no corporate donations, foreign donations, or from anyone we feel violates our principles.

To this end, we are currently seeking qualified status with the Washington, Oregon, Idaho Secretaries of State and registering in the province of British Columbia.

Join us in helping to build a better future for Cascadia bioregion!

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