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Indigenous sovereignties

As part of this bioregion and our home, the Cascadia Bioregional Party recognize that we live on the ceded and unceded lands of generations of First Nation, Aboriginal and Indigenous people who have…

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Cascadia as an Independence Movement Aside from a bioregion and growing social and cultural movement, the Cascadia Bioregional Party is the largest organization promoting the idea of an independent Cascadia. We increase…

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Digital Rights & Privacy

The United States and Canada confronts a crisis. Digital giants invade our private lives, spy on our families, and gather our most intimate facts for profit. Bad actors, foreign and domestic, target the…

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Cascadia is a dynamic and diverse global economic power. However, despite possessing one of the largest GDP and highest GDP per capita in the world, Cascadians suffer from a high rate of poverty,…

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Community resilience & Empowerment

The Cascadian bioregion is home to some of the most progressive, sustainable, and resilient communities in North America. Many of individuals and neighborhoods throughout the Pacific Northwest have embraced principles of self reliance,…

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