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Basic Goals

An independent bioregion that is regenerative, democratic and just, a better livelihood for those living here, increased security and well being for our friends, family and communities, and to be the change that our planet needs. 

“Cascadia represents–better than states, countries and cities–the cultural and geographical realities of our region.” – Paul Schell, former mayor of Seattle

Cascadia is a bioregion defined by natural borders, rather than arbitrary political lines. We want to build a political party that works for every person living here, brought together by shared values and concerns that stem from living in the same land base and this wonderful area we call home, rather than the things that divide us. Different areas will have different needs, and by challenging ourselves to envision what our society could look like if we were independent from the United State sand Canada, we can create a vision to work towards together, free from the failings, corruption, competing interests, arbitrary boundaries and traps that every other group seems to fall into, and that perpetually divide our society. 

Ultimately we, the people living here and our communities, are the best able to speak to the issues important to us, rather than in a distant seat of power more than 3000 miles away.


  1. Establish an accountable and democratic partnership between communities within Cascadia to foster greater direct democracy among the peoples of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, and anywhere else the inhabitants decide.

  2. Give communities a greater say in their own affairs as well as all issues affecting their livelihood or well being. A government that is BY, OF, and FOR the people. A responsible government that’s objectives are to equally represent the people and their interests and security, in a transparent, accountable manner.

  3. An independent, interdependent, autonomous and resilient Cascadia bioregion, that is energy sufficient and net carbon neutral from renewable resources, with a higher standard of living for all inhabitants, and for every generation.

  4. Greater personal freedom, civil liberties, and rights for all inhabitants of Cascadia. This includes a digital bill of rights, and a General Data Protection Act to protect personal and consumer data. 

  5. Upgrading government. Elections for a constituent assembly using experts in their fields, citizens drawn up from around the bioregion, for a new, transparent, accountable and dynamic form of democratic government that we create here at home that maximizes representation, access and  participation.

  6. Upgrading, modernizing and securing critical infrastructure such as bridges, roads, water and electrical grids. This would include modernizing and electrifying existing rail lines, creating a Cascadia high speed passenger rail network with support for localized and decentralized energy production, water catchment and filtration, and securing infrastructure against bad actors.  

  7. Support for indigenous sovereignties and nationhood within the Cascadia bioregion. To reach out with first nation communities of Cascadia to align on pathways for truth, compensation, reconciliation, land return, fishing rights, rights of travel where decided and co-create shared systems of stewardship and representation, confederated systems of governance that we are all a part of, and all stakeholders in.

  8. To build awareness of Cascadia and bioregionalism as a viable alternative to our current systems within mainstream thought.

  9. The implementation of data driven approaches for deciding policy, along with advisory bodies built around bioregional principles steered by experts in the fields discussed.

  10. Safeguard and conserve the ecosystems of the Cascadia Bioregion. To find a sustainable way to ensure our ecosystem remains strong and robust to preserve it for future generations to come. To improve the livelihood of both place, and the people.

  11. Invest in businesses, universities, research institutions and technologies that will harness place appropriate & alternative energy resources, or technologies that will improve the livelihood of Cascadian inhabitants, and how we live with our landbase.

  12. Grow bioregional and democratic economic models, cooperatives, and support local and independent businesses. Support for a public bank that can issue low interest loans and bonds for government projects, as well as neighborhood revitalization grants, diversity and equity grants, farm and rural community grants and help serve as a basic personal service. Simplification of the tax code. Progressive taxing structure and support for a reverse income tax. End sales tax, and prohibitive employment and income taxes for small businesses under a certain size. 

  13. Create a system of that ensures access to education and healthcare for those who choose to receive it, while lowering taxes due to surplus from not supporting a burgeoning bureaucratic federal government and expansive military construct. Shrink our military budget to a proportional average of our size and population, while investing in our high tech edge to maintain our bioregional safety. An immediate end to child poverty by ensuring access to food, shelter, daycare and education.

  14. Encourage and maintain Cascadian’s unique culture through the establishment of digital platforms run by and for Cascadians. Create access to non-biased, non-politically or business motivated fact based and data driven reporting. Also, the continuing support for cultural revival programs that that assist First Nation cultural revival , independent artists, musicians and poets.

  15. A humanitarian corps that can be sent internationally or domestically to aid in times of crisis and disaster, build goodwill, and provide trainings and preparation at home to make sure Cascadia, and its inhabitants are prepared for any type of natural or manmade disaster.


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