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Cascadia Bioregional Party

Functional Resources

Here you can find tools and resources for being active in the Cascadia Bioregional Party. Enjoy! This is being built in as we expand features. If you have any ideas, something is not working well - please reach out


Be a part of the organization and movement.


Find and connect with other Cascadians near you. Sort by location and interest.


Introduce. Ask questions. Share resources and ideas.


Principles and what we stand for.

Update your profile

Add an image and bio to your profile.

Stay in touch

Connect with us

Slack | Discord | BPC Subreddit | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Coming Soon


Cascadia Bioregional Party Organizers Handbook.


Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Cascadia Bioregional Party.


Step by step guide to changing your voter registration.

Running as a candidate

Step by step guide to changing your voter registration.

start a group

Handbook for starting a new Cascadia Bioregional Party Chapter.

share a policy

Have an idea that the Bioregional Party should adopt? Add it here.

submit an event

Is your chapter hosting or partnering with a local event? Add it to our calendar here.

share a picture

Have a great Cascadia photograph? Add it to our Photo gallery.

why is cascadia important?

Why is Cascadia important to you, why now?

log volunteer hours

Logging volunteer hours helps us build an accurate picture of BPC involvement.

member survey

Help us know more about your interests, passions and the people who make up the BPC.


Flags, patches, stickers and more. Use this code for %15 off. Looking for wholesale chapter discounts? Click here.


Our message is only as strong as we can get it out into the world. Let's make it happen!

event reportback

Create an event reportback blog post.


Have an opinion piece you'd like to share? Write it on the Cascadia Underground

share a news article / media

Was Cascadia, the BPC, independence, or one of our principles featured in the news? Share it!

share an endorsement

Work for a business, or have a friend who would like to endorse the BPC? We'd love to share it!

ask a question

Cascadia & Bioregional Knowledgebase

Have a question? Ask the Cascadia community

share a business

Work for a business, or have a friend who would like to endorse the BPC? We'd love to share it!

style guide

Color, Logos, Media Kit & Typography

Learn & Educate

Reading list

Cascadia & Bioregionalism 101. Get educated!

maps & posters

Maps and Resources of Cascadia and the Bioregion.

tabling kit

Google Drive of Tabling Resources


Bioregional Party literature, pamphlets, zines.

upload a resource

stay up to date

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