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Political Endorsement Policy

The Cascadia Bioregional Party is a democratic movement and organization. Every supporter and member is allowed to suggest ideas, issues and campaigns they think would benefit our movement and region, start a chapter or local group, or run as a candidate if selected to do so. Issues specify what we should prioritize and care about, campaigns are the work we do.


  • are based in Cascadia or within the context of Cascadia,

  • better the livelihood of those living in the bioregion, or the bioregion itself,

  • support groups, businesses, food, items and events that are local, sustainable and ethical; that fit into a global system responsibly,

  • value and protect the diversity of our place, people and culture and create spaces where those most impacted by issues can take the lead on those issues,

  • expand civil liberties, privacy, rights and freedoms of Cascadians,

  • spread bioregionalism and grow a network of watershed movements; for a bioregion that is vibrant, resilient and autonomous,

  • support systems that are democratic, accountable and transparent, and increase our regional ‘inter-dependence’ and independence, in mutual collaboration,

  • encourage locally generated food and energy based on renewable resources, and a net negative carbon impact,

And use peer reviewed, and data driven information to arrive at these conclusions.

We support these policies through:

  • Delegates: We support Cascadian Delegative Democracy, a form of scalable, direct and delegative form of Democracy for internal organizing and elected delegates that serves as an “infusion of direct democracy” into a representational system. Any candidate doing so as a movement delegate – is bound to vote as their constituents choose when able, and with acceptance of our shared values can receive automatic endorsement.

  • Candidates: The Cascadia Bioregional Party endorses candidates within the Cascadian Bioregion with approval of our voting membership or a local chapter. Even if not registered with the BPC, we a chapter may choose to endorse a candidate they feel represents Cascadian values for their watershed. 

  • Campaigns, Initiatives and Referendums: We support campaigns, initiatives and referendums in line with our bioregional principles as outlined by this document.

  • Assemblies: Citizen assemblies made up of community members and experts working through the hardest issues from the ground up, who can provide guidance and support for Cascadian delegates and representatives.

Organizational Policies:

Any supporter or member may propose what we endorse, or activities we undertake. On a local level of the submitter – if the policy or suggestions meet our shared values, it can be automatically approved or approved by a local chapter. Above that, any adoption of policies remains pending until approved by the chapters within that area, and must happen with approval of the full voting membership of those affected, or our governance body or executive staff. Depending on the type – it is okay to have split geographic regions, with some in support, some remaining opposed, and members are invited to draft language for and against. Our organizational policies and platform are updated ever 2 years through our bioregional organizing convention.  

All public facing political endorsements or opposition should align with our guiding values and organizational policies, including the Diversity Inclusion Policy, Kindness Policy, and Partnership Policy. No political endorsement or opposition should negatively impact our ability to support any future activities.

The Cascadia Bioregional Party is confident in all of its members intentions to further positive change across Cascadia. In the unlikely and unfortunate event that an individual or chapter undertakes activities which involve political endorsement or opposition, and which violate the above-outlined criteria, the Cascadia Bioregional Party reserves the authority to prohibit allocation of Cascadia Bioregional Party resources, including use of the name to said activities, and may revoke membership or participation of groups or individual future involvement with the group.


The Cascadian community is diverse. The Cascadia Bioregional Party is committed to valuing, respecting, and embracing the richness of a diverse Cascadia citizenry, regardless of background or way of life.

The Cascadia Bioregional Party does not, and shall not, discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military status, or any other differentiating factor in any of its activities or operations. We will not affiliate with, or provide resources to, organizations that engage in unlawful discrimination of any kind.


The Cascadia Bioregional Party recognizes that the Cascadia bioregion exists on traditional ceded, and unceded lands of first nation and indigenous inhabitants who have lived here for thousands of years, as well as a deep context of colonialism, displacement and genocide. Cascadia Bioregional Party feels that Cascadia, and bioregionalism, offer the best chance for real decolonization – including a removal of colonial borders and boundaries towards ones that are more representative of the land and people, and a pathway of indigenization for the 15 million people living here for healthier, more livable communities & bioregion. We are excited to invite the participation of, partner with and support first nations and indigenous organizers in building systems that are more just, and our collective futures.


The Cascadia Bioregional Party works to partner with and create a safe space for frontline and traditionally marginalized communities and voices. We reject all forms of hate, prejudice, and believe in an inclusive movement, that shows the beauty of this region, it’s people and our incredible diversity. We reject racism, hate, fear, sexism, white supremacy, or any type of discrimination based on sexual orientation, religion, personal beliefs or choices, and these stances are reflected at every level. We look forward to building a coalition movement that empowers every person and community, and provides space for indigenous, POC, and traditionally marginalized communities, and of course the millions of amazing Cascadians who live here, to advocate with their own voices, find solidarity and support, and break down boundaries which are harmful and negative.

  • Our organization is explicitly anti-racist. We do not partner, connect or communicate in any way with any individual or group possibly deemed racist. We also do the work to be effective allies, organizers and advocates.

  • Our organization is explicitly anti-colonial. We organize in ways which empowers communities and voices from a community to best speak for their interests and needs, and break down borders that are arbitrary, negative and toxic, not representative of people, place or inhabitant.


To ensure that all partnerships and sponsorships help to further our mission, the following criteria should be used to determine whether a company or organization is a good fit as a partner: Demonstrated a commitment to the betterment of Cascadia and organizational or business practices that align with our Guiding Values; abide by our Diversity Inclusion Policy and the Kindness Policy; and have all, or a significant portion of, their operations within the Cascadia bioregion. The Cascadia Bioregional Party has the authority to decline partnership with or sponsorship that does not meet the above criteria.

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