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We are so excited that you are interested in starting a chapter with the Cascadia Bioregional Party.

Your role in Cascadia couldn’t be more critical. It’s leaders like you, stepping up in your community and organizing others into action, who are changing the face of American and Canadian politics and building the just, thriving world we can all be proud to live in. Chapters are the fundamental unit of organization within the Cascadia Bioregional Party and carry out the most important work of our movement — growing participation, educating about Cascadia and Bioregionalism, determining policies and initiatives best suited for their communities, and challenging to win political power.

Interested in starting a Cascadia chapter in your school, workplace, or neighborhood? Fill out the form below and we’ll connect you with resources and amazing people to help you get started.

As a first step, please make sure to read our Cascadia Bioregional Party handbook to ensure that the BPC is a good fit for you. Is it? Then let us know and get involved!

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